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IBM Big Data & Analytics: Redefine the experience


Alistair Rennie came up next to talking about how IBM is redefining the analytic experience. Some of this is “in the labs” and so may or may not show up in future products. From an experience point of view IBM sees some tension between the IT and business folks in an organization – the business wants more value more quickly while the IT team worry about accuracy and security. Business want access to new data sources and to change how things are done while IT wants to manage data sources, worry about compliance etc. IBM sees four areas for improving the analytic experience:

  • Simplify Engagement
    IBM has a new collaborative environment (Concert) and is focusing on how to use analytics in this environment for collaborative decision-making. Content Navigator makes content available too.
  • Simplify Consumption
    IBM is looking into how to help non-technical information workers find analytic insight for themselves with its Project Catalyst. This is designed to help users find their way to predictive analytics and key predictive characteristics. They are also working to apply Watson to automatically suggest data visualizations as well as mobile centric reporting, infographics and dashboards.
  • Simplify Action
    IBM is also bundling analytics into “solutions with an opinion” around everything from predictive maintenance to predictive customer intelligence.
  • Speed Time to Value
    Many of these new solutions, and others built by partners, are cloud-first or cloud-only.

Some interesting visualization and information worker tools but nothing new on the analytic deployment front except in terms of new solutions.


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