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Pegaworld 2014 – Pega 7 Summary


Kerim Akgonul came up next to talk products, in particular Pega 7. Pega 7 was released last year and is being used around the world. Pega 7 focused on several elements:

  • Visibility through the common case interface
  • Speed and accuracy through automation of processes and decisions
  • Speed and accuracy also of development, making it easier and quicker to develop applications and adapt them over time.
  • Anticipating customer needs through new data integration capabilities that support streaming data and “Big Data” delivering predictive and adaptive analytics built using this data.
  • User adoption by redoing the UI engine so that it is easy to deliver engaging,usable interfaces.

Pega 7 also supported cloud deployment, social/mobile and all the usual enterprise capabilities.


Pega 7 is also the platform for their CRM applications – Next Best Action Marketing, Customer Process Management and Sales Force Automation. NBAM leverages customer engagement history and analytics developed using this data. SFA is focused on next best sales activities and sales goals not just traditional sales tracking. CPM meanwhile has a new user experience that takes advantage of the new UI engine.

Mobile is particularly important to the Pega 7 user experience and Pega has integrated mobile functionality it acquired into its model-driven approach so that generated mobile interfaces can take advantage of specific elements like in-app notifications, the camera etc. New social collaboration tools recently acquired (Firefly) allow customers to get help in-context, engaging customer service staff in helping complete a process. Other elements of social media are integrated, allowing social channels to be managed just like others and bringing social interactions into the overall customer profile – the customer movie as they call it.

A nice demo followed, showing how they can use integrated social media and a mobile application to deliver next best action and supporting an integrated case management environment as well as live interaction integration.

Omnichannel, next best action, business process/case management for fulfillment. Customers are increasingly being conditioned to expect immediate response so get good at it.


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