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TDWI World Conference: Requirements Approach for Advanced Analytics with Decision Management


I am giving a class at the TDWI World Conference “Evolving Your Requirements Approach to Advanced Analytics with Decision Management” in Boston, July 20-25. This is a new class for TDWI that builds on my successful class at the University of California Irvine Extension program.

Big data makes it hard to scale human interpretation, forces faster and more precise decision making, and puts a premium on advanced analytics. Applying big data analytics requires a clear and direct focus on managing decision making, especially in operations. But most organizations lack an approach that lets them specify their requirements, and their ability to find opportunities for, and successfully use, advanced analytics is limited. This course lays out a framework to identify the operational decisions that matter to your business and that will benefit from advanced analytics. It will introduce new standards-based approaches to modeling decisions and show you how to use models to find and exploit analytic opportunities.

You Will Learn

  • How to use decision management and advanced analytics to meet the challenges of big data
  • How to identify suitable decisions for advanced analytics in your business operations
  • How to describe analytic decision requirements with standards-based decision modeling
  • How to use decision models to develop and deploy advanced analytics

Geared To

BI program managers, architects, and project managers; business analysts who want to extend from gaining insight to providing foresight; business managers who need new tools to help them shape the future of the business; anyone interested in the basics of predictive analytics

Register here. Register with priority code BOS1 to get up to $325 off.


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