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First Look: Zementis partner update


Zementis, the company behind the ADAPA PMML engine (last reviewed here and a sponsor of our Standards in Predictive Analytics research), has been busy making their technology for deploying models based on the Predictive Model Markup Language or PMML more pervasive.

  • They have launched on the Amazon AWS Marketplace. While they have supported AWS for many years, the AWS Marketplace means that the purchasing experience is really seamless – Amazon has tried hard to make purchasing from the marketplace painless – and customers get a one-click launch of ADAPA on AWS. Once launched, all a customer has to do is select a PMML file and the service is up and running.
  • They have added support for SAP HANA, becoming part of the SAP HANA startup program. In particular this allows for real-time execution of models with the data lookups and aggregates required by the model – the pre-processing – served up by HANA extremely quickly. This allows for very high volume, real-time responses that involve complex models.
  • Today they announced a partnership with Equifax to allow Equifax’s InterConnect decision management platform and applications embed PMML more easily.
  • They have extended their Big Data/Hadoop partnerships to include Cloudera and Hortonworks. They report a lot of interest from Hadoop users in executing predictive analytics on their Hadoop infrastructure with a higher percentage of Hadoop projects than more traditional ones. Because these Hadoop projects are more like to be greenfield projects it is often easier to get it up and running.

They, like me, see more RFPs these days that required PMML or say something like “we expect PMML to be the output mechanism for your analytic models. If you are not using PMML please give a reason.” Obviously this helps drive demand. Finally they got a nice boost when they recently got rated as a Gartner Cool Vendor for data science.

Zementis is a vendor in the Decision Management Systems Platform Technology Report and you can get more information on ADAPA here.


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