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TDWI Executive Summit: Moving to Real-Time Analytic Decision Making with Decision Management


I am speaking on Moving to Real-Time Analytic Decision Making with Decision Management at the TDWI Executive Summit in Boston, July 21-23

The right time to make decisions for organizations is increasingly real time. Customers want responses in real time; supply chains must adapt to disruption in real time; fraud must be caught before it gets into the system while self-service and Web applications can’t wait for human intervention. At the same time, organizations have discovered the value of analytic, data-driven decisions. The challenge is to reconcile these demands—to provide real-time, analytic decision making.

In this session, I introduce decision management as a framework for effectively applying analytics, including advanced data mining and predictive analytics, to fast moving decisions. I’ll explain the technologies and techniques you need to build agile, analytic, and adaptive decision management systems. I will also show how you can adopt and exploit these technologies incrementally, maximizing your return and turning real-time analytic decision making into part of your organization’s DNA.

You can register for the summit here.


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