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The Mobile Enterprise: Driving the Need for Better Decisions #IBMIMPACT 2014


I just presented on The Mobile Enterprise: Driving the Need for Better Decisions & Smarter Processes.

Here are the slides:

The consumerization of technology in enterprises, increasingly mobile employees and the demands of more social, mobile and connected consumers are putting increased pressure on enterprises. Adopting mobile management and development technologies is part of the solution, allowing organizations to develop new interfaces and to manage the range of devices connecting to their systems. However the back-end systems supporting these mobile devices must also change. Because mobile users need answers not data, because the systems they access must personalize their response based on user and location, because these responses must be real-time and yet also analytic, mobile forces a new kind of back end system to be developed – one that makes better decisions and drives smarter processes. Decision Management is central to delivering such systems.
A presentation from IMPACT 2014
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