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IBM IMPACT: Panel Discussion: New Systems Meet New Business Challenges


I am part of a panel at IBM’s IMPACT 2014 on New Systems Meet New Business Challenges: Turn Data into Insight to Make More Accurate Decisions  (BDL-1378), Monday April 28 at 5:15pm

Interactive systems, mobile devices, and social networks generate more data every day – and this is not going to stop. Making sense of this astronomic amount of unstructured data to identify risks and opportunities, and making the right decisions to address these is going to be an essential business differentiator. Traditional systems cannot cope with such complexity. Neither can big data, analytics, and operational decision management when used individually. But when combined, these technologies can lead to new systems that meet these challenges and enable unforeseen capabilities. In the first part of this session, experts utilize a use case and technological perspective to show how big data, analytics, and operational decision are combined to make sense of the millions of interactions that happen across channels and take customer specific actions. Then a panel of thought leaders share their visions and approaches to building these next-generation systems.

You can register for IMPACT here. If you are coming, don’t forget to add this session to your agenda.


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