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Systems of coordination and the need to move beyond BPMN: a report


I recently met Neil Ward-Dutton of mwd advisors at bpmNEXT and we chatted about decision modeling – I was there giving a demo of DecisionsFirst Modeler and its support for the new Decision Model and Notation standard. Neil pointed me to his recent report CMMN and DMN: new notations for systems of co-ordination – what are they and what should you do? I loved this phrase – “systems of coordination” – and the report is definitely worth checking out.

The report introduces the new Case Management Model and Notation standard (CMMN) and the Decision Model and Notation standard (DMN), explaining their value to an organization focused on building what he calls systems of coordination and using BPMN as a modeling approach. As Neil puts it “BPMN only addresses some of the design concerns that need to be covered in the creation of business process applications” and so CMMN and DMN have significant value in extending the degree to which you can model the systems you need using a standard notation. When it comes to DMN, Neil points out that it “provides a way for [Decision Management and Business Rule] specialists to collaborate … and complete projects more quickly and at lower risk” and suggests you “keep a close eye on the evolution of both DMN and CMMN, and their implementation by vendors”. I couldn’t agree more!

If you are interested in Decision Modeling with DMN, check out our white paper and sign up for a 60 day free trial for DecisionsFirst Modeler, our cloud-based modeling environment. If you want to learn more about how these new standards impact your existing use of BPMN, check out the report here – Neil is offering readers of this blog a 25% discount code (DMS25) to buy this report or a 12-month personal subscription to their overall BPM research program (code is valid until June 30).


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  • Neil Ward-Dutton April 2, 2014, 10:48 am

    It was great to meet you at bpmNEXT James – thanks very much for highlighting this report, and best of luck with DecisionsFirst Modeler!