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Decision-centric dashboards and application lifecycle management with Assure


We have become increasingly convinced that decision modeling, especially decision modeling using the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard and DecisionsFirst Modeler, is a great way to design dashboards. Building a decision model focuses on the decisions that must be made by the user of the dashboard, on how they make that decision and on the information and knowledge that they need to make a good one. Doing this before drilling into the specific user interface elements involved keeps the focus on business outcomes not on look and feel – on steak, not sizzle. I’m delighted to announce that we have developed a new partnership to apply this approach in Application Lifecycle Management.

We are partnering with Assure to deliver decision-centric dashboards for application lifecycle management. Since 2006 Assure has been helping companies with application lifecycle management problems, developing a powerful set of business intelligence capabilities in Assure TotalView to help operations, QA and application professionals solve critical challenges. We have been working with them to use decision modeling to develop a next generation of action-oriented dashboards that focus on actionable recommendations and can take advantage of data mining, predictive analytics and business rules.

There’s more on Assure’s product capabilities at Assure.net.



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