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Live Event: TDWI Solution Summit on Advanced Analytics


I am co-chair, with Fern Halper,of the TDWI Solution Summit: Beyond BI to Advanced Analytics for Business Advantage in San Diego, June 1-3.

Business analytics has become an important new trend for companies that want to be competitive—and stay that way. While certain kinds of advanced analytics have been on the market for decades, adoption is finally increasing for a number of reasons, including the economic climate, the availability of computing power, the growth in the amount and variety of data, and a greater appreciation for the power of analytics. Forward-looking companies are moving beyond BI—the slicing and dicing of data to produce reports and dashboards—to more advanced forms of analytics. These companies want to become more proactive to drive top- and bottom-line benefits. Among many use cases, they are using advanced analytics to increase operational efficiency, to reduce fraud and waste, to deliver incisive marketing campaigns, to improve medical outcomes, and to predict risk.
A growing number of companies are using predictive analytics to become proactive and improve results. Many other forms of advanced analytics are emerging that companies should understand and apply. Adopting advanced analytics isn’t just a technology challenge, however. As analytics becomes more pervasive throughout different parts of the organization and is used by a range of business users, there are organizational issues, data issues, and governance issues to consider. Add the complication of big data and there is widespread confusion as to exactly what constitutes advanced analytics and how to incorporate these analytics into organizations. Companies are plagued with questions such as: How to start? What analytics make sense? Who can use it? Where are the examples of success?
Attend the TDWI Solution Summit on advanced analytics and learn about the range of advanced analytics available today. Gain best-practice insight about how to make analytics a reality in your organization. Case studies, expert sessions, and thought leadership panel discussions will enable business and IT professionals to develop a strategy for deploying advanced analytics for business advantage.

We have a great agenda with speakers from AT&T Labs, Boeing, Cleveland Clinics, Energy Central, Fiserv and MedeAnalytics plus keynotes from me and Fern. Attendance is free for qualified attendees – you can apply to attend here.


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