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White Paper of the Week: Decision Modeling with DMN


If you have been following the new Decision Model and Notation standard and want to understand a little more about how to do decision modeling using the approach, check out our white paper Decision Modeling with DMN. This white paper describes the four iterative steps to complete a Decision Requirements Model using the forthcoming Decision Model and Notation standard recently adopted by the Object Management Group as a beta standard. Decision modeling is a powerful technique if you are adopting business rules, working with predictive analytics or trying to specify requirements for decision-making. Contents include:

  1. Why Model Decisions
  2. How To Do Decision Modeling
    1. Identify Decisions
    2. Describe Decisions
    3. Detailed Decision Requirements
    4. Decompose and Refine the Model
    5. Generate a Requirements Document
  3. Appendix A: BABOK® Mapping
  4. Appendix B: About Decisions
  5. Appendix C: Decision Identification Techniques
  6. Appendix D: DecisionsFirst Modeler – our collaborative, cloud-based software for decision modeling (60 day free trial available)

You can get this white paper, and others, on our white paper download page. If you need some help with decision modeling check out our online training (coming up in February) or drop us a line at info@decisionmanagementsolutions.com


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