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Webinar: Agile and Cost Effective Financial Compliance


I am giving a webinar on Lux Magi.

Decision management and business rules management systems are the ideal platform for an agile and cost-effective compliance approach. In regulated industries like financial services, leading companies are building compliance into every process and system with consistency and transparency across the entire organization and with the agility to meet ever more challenging deadlines. Companies that fail to do so incur huge costs with manual checks and balances and risk significant fines. We’ll share know-how and best practices from our extensive experience of helping clients implement decision management and business rules management systems to conquer complexity, improve agility, lower costs and measure ongoing effectiveness in financial compliance. You will learn:

Why a business rules driven approach is an advantage, but it’s not enough in isolation – decision management is the essential ingredient
An approach to decision modeling that eliminates confusion and inconsistency, even in the face of mounting complexity
How implementing decision models in business rules delivers automated, reliable compliance.

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