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Webinar: Nurture Customer Loyalty With Personalized Messages and Channel Alignment


I am giving a webinar on Nurture Customer Loyalty With Personalized Messages and Channel Alignment for the Association of Strategic Marketing on March 17 at 1:00pm Eastern

More customers are using more channels and with the growth in mobile and other automated channels it’s challenging to deliver personalized, targeted messages across channels and over time. One-size-doesn’t-really-fit-anyone marketing based on simplistic ‘customer-centric’ strategies isn’t getting it done. Companies need to take what they know about their customers and use it to deliver a truly personalized, 1:1 interaction every time a customer interacts with them, no matter which channel.
5 Reasons to Attend

    • Best practices in responding to customers in real time.
    • That decision making is central to personalized marketing and customer loyalty.
    • That operational micro decisions are the key.
    • How to discover, implement and manage these decisions.
    • How this approach leverages Big Data and embeds predictive analytic to improve results.

You can register for the webinar here. Because I am a faculty member, you can receive 50% off the fee – when registering, use priority code 15999 and discount code Q4573634.


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