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Build Your Business Capability with Decision Management


This week is Building Business Capability 2013 in Las Vegas. I thought I would write some blog posts on how adopting Decision Management can build your business capability.

  • Part 1 is all about business processes, and how Decision Management makes your business processes simpler, smarter and more agile.
  • Part 2 is about how Decision Management makes it easier to apply business rules and to manage the rules in a business rules management system.
  • Part 3 is about analytics and how Decision Management makes it easier to apply big data and analytics directly in business processes to improve operations.
  • Part 4 is about the overall benefits of modeling decisions

Decision Management Solutions is exhibiting at Building Business Capability 2013. We provide a complete set of consulting, training and software support for Decision Management to position you for short- and long-term success with business rules and big data analytics. Come by our booth (P8) and meet me and our VP Consulting Gagan Saxena. For more on decision management at the show:

  • Learn hands on about decision modeling in my workshop: Modeling Decisions: Put Big Data Analytics to Work Improving Results (Tuesday)
  • Don Perkins and Doris Kimball have a presentation on A Practical Approach Using Decision Management and Decision Modeling at The Principal Financial Group (Wednesday)
  • I am speaking on lessons learned and best practices modeling decisions in aerospace, banking, insurance and healthcare (Thursday)
  • There’s a panel discussion on decisions from the business perspective (Thursday)
  • My book “Decision Management Systems: A Practical Guide to Using Business Rules and Predictive Analytics” will be at the bookstore and I will be signing books and answering your questions (4:20pm on Thursday)
  • Learn how the new  Decision Model and Notation Standard will make it easier to model decisions and share the results at the panel (Friday)

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