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Webcast: Predictive Analytics in the Cloud with James Taylor and SAP


I am giving a webinar with SAP on Predictive Analytics in the Cloud, November 7 at 1pm EST.

Use predictive analytics throughout your operations with the cloud
Recent independent research shows that the power of predictive analytics in the cloud to transform business results is clear. As more organizations transform their business using cloud-based predictive analytics, the race is on to make predictive analytics pervasive, to improve every aspect of operations.

Come hear from James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions, as he presents results from recent research into the trends, opportunities and use cases for predictive analytics in the cloud.

During the Webcast on November 7, 2013, you’ll learn:

    • Which opportunities deliver the best return
    • What the key drivers and obstacles are
    • How to plan for your predictive future.

You’ll also see how predictive analytic solutions from SAP can scale throughout your organization in a low-touch, cost-effective way as Mani Gill of SAP presents our latest cloud-based predictive solutions.

Register here.


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