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Decision CAMP 2013 – Agenda now live


I am really looking forward to the first Decision CAMP this year in San Jose, November 4-6. Billed as everything you always wanted to know about Business Rules and Decision Management (but were afraid to ask), the agenda for this FREE event is now posted here.

I am going to be participating in the first two days and in particular giving an 2 hour whirlwind tour of Decision Management on the Monday – the Decision Management Journey. I’ll cover the technology landscape, the approach, key standards and some hints and tips. You’ll even get some of the history behind the phrase. After that I’ll be around and will be herding cats, sorry I meant to say moderating a CTO panel, on the second day.

So check out the event – the main website is decision-camp.com and register to join us at ebay’s N 1st Street location in San Jose in early November.


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