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Webinar: Predictive Analytics in the Cloud 2013. Opportunities, Trends, Big Data


I am giving a webinar on Predictive Analytics in the Cloud 2013 – Opportunities, Trends and the Impact of Big Data with Information Management, October 22 at 9am ET.

Are you using or considering using predictive analytics in the cloud to improve your business? Is the growth in big data impacting your decision? Predictive analytics and cloud technologies are powerful capabilities. The intersection of these two technologies is creating new opportunities for value and new ways to exploit Big Data. If you are looking to adopt predictive analytic solutions, embed predictive analytics in your systems or products, or if you are looking to improve how you build and deploy predictive analytic models, joins us for this webinar.

You will learn:

  • What opportunities deliver the best return
  • Drivers and obstacles to adoption
  • The impact of big data
  • How to plan for your predictive future

Register here. Participants will receive the Research Results white paper. This independent research is sponsored by FICO, Lityx and SAP.

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