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Sneak Peek Survey Results for Predictive Analytics in the Cloud 2013


First, there’s still time to take our survey on Predictive Analytics in the Cloud – just go to www.surveymonkey.com/s/PACloud2013. If you have already taken it, or even if you haven’t, why not register for the results webinar over on Information Management?

To encourage you to do either or both of these things, here are some sneak peek early results:

  • Predictive analytics is clearly becoming more central in organizations. Nearly two thirds of our respondents are seeing some real impact from completed projects, up by 50% over 2011.
    Meanwhile only half as many still have no plans.
  • Predictive analytics is increasingly used to focus on customers and today this is more and more about customer satisfaction rather than customer acquisition, profitability or retention/churn.
  • In 2011 those companies that had tightly integrated predictive analytics into day to day operations saw more positive impact. This distinction has become even more pronounced as Decision Management, integrating predictive analytics into operational decisions, drives greater impact.
  • All three scenarios have become much more widely adopted without significant increases in overall plans. This reflects progress making predictive analytics real.
  • Packaged analytic solutions have shown very strong growth in particular while the use of cloud for modeling/data management shows an increase in planned future use, probably reflecting the growing need to scale analytic development efforts and the value of the cloud in supporting this.
  • Security and compliance remain the #1 issue slowing adoption.
    This is reflected in the kinds of cloud being adopted as companies are still mostly looking at internal clouds – private and managed vendor clouds are getting significant interest, unlike public or community clouds, and the improved security and compliance of these approaches is likely a significant driver.
  • From a Big Data perspective there’s still a primary focus on structured,on-premise data.  Unstructured data from on-premise systems, pooled data and purchased data all matter too. Interestingly data from internal but cloud-based systems shows very strong future potential.
  • Finally the laggard of the last survey – Healthcare delivery – picked up a lot this time around with far fewer of the respondents from this industry reporting having no plans at all!

Disagree? Tell us what you think at  www.surveymonkey.com/s/PACloud2013

Want to know more, register for the results webinar over on Information Management


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