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What is an intelligent process?


So what is an Intelligent Process?

An intelligent process is a dynamic, flexible and transparent process focused squarely on the consumer that continually improves and adapts.

This has several elements:

  • Customer Centric
    Putting the consumer at the heart of a process is central to making it more intelligent. This requires more flexibility and a focus on the customer’s perspective – what are THEY trying to do – not on how the company is organized.
  • Dynamic and Flexible
    Organizations need more dynamic processes that integrate elements of case management as well as traditional business process management. This allows for dynamic change in processes as well as assembly of the right tasks to meet a need, case by case.
  • Transparent
    In an era where compliance and governance are essential, organizations must ensure these processes are transparent.
  • Adaptive
    Once a process is transparent it becomes possible to make it adaptive, driving continuous improvement by evaluting how the process works (and when it does not), ensuring the process stays intelligent in the face of change.

You can get more on this topic at our webinar on Decision-Centric, Intelligent Processes with Mark Mastop of Blueriq on September 18th at 10am Eastern/16:00 CET. I also wrote a white paper that is available on the Blueriq resources page.

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