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White Paper of the Week: Decision-Centric, Intelligent Processes


I recently finished a new white paper Decision-Centric, Intelligent Processes. This was sponsored by Blueriq (formerly Aquima) and is available on their site here.

Organizations, both commercial and governmental, are increasingly focused on their business processes. By modeling, implementing and managing business processes these organizations improve control, reduce costs and increase efficiency. Yet for all the undoubted benefits of a process approach, many of the processes being modeled and implemented are not very “intelligent.” These processes are mechanical and repetitive, often relying too much on human decision-makers. They are internally focused, driven by the organization’s own view of its transactions and structure. Relying on these processes means that too few transactions run straight through, completing without manual intervention, while many cases end up in work queues awaiting action. Customers and citizens are frustrated by these processes because they make interaction more difficult while organizations struggle to adapt these processes to cope with business change and new regulations. Organizations need a more intelligent set of business processes: more dynamic, more transparent, more adaptive, and fundamentally more focused on the consumer.

I am also going to be doing  a webinar with Blueriq on September 18 at 10am Eastern/16:00 CET – details here.

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If you are in Europe you can also catch me at the ATOS DREAM Event on September 12, learn about Decision Modeling at our 2-day training class September 9-10 or catch me at the Blueriq Masterclass on September 11.


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