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Webinar:The Power of Embedded Predictive Analytics


I am giving a webinar with Predixion Software on The Power of Embedded Predictive Analytics, September 5th at 2pm Eastern. This is being given in conjunction with the Product Development and Management Association but is open to anyone.

Enterprise Software is an intensely competitive business and products that don’t stay ahead in the race to add new capabilities suffer the consequences, being overtaken by better competitors. Predictive analytics is a hot topic these days and is rapidly becoming a must-have feature for software packages. As a result, product managers should adopt predictive analytic modeling technology to add improved decision-making to their products. This webinar will outline a 5 step approach to successfully embedding predictive analytics in your product.

Join James Taylor from Decision Management Solutions and Mark McNally from Predixion Software for the September 5, 1:00-2:00pm CT Webcast, where you will learn:

1. How different kinds of predictions can empower your business
2. What types of decisions can be improved with predictive analytics
3. Core functionality required for a fully automated and collaborative predictive analytics solution
4. Deployment considerations
5. Key factors in the “Build or Buy” decision for embedded predictive analytics capabilities

During this webcast, James Taylor will outline the value of predictive analytics and walk through the five steps you need to succeed, identifying key features you will need in a predictive analytic solution. Mark McNally will talk about some real-world customers and how the approach maps to their experience. After this webcast, attendees can start developing a plan to embed predictive analytics in their products.

You can register here.


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