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Webinar: The Future of Business Agility, Process & Decision Management


I am giving a webinar with Ryan Trollip of Prolifics on August 28 at 11am Eastern on “The Future of Business Agility, Process & Decision Management

Any organization that has successfully implemented some level of BPM can point to its many benefits, such as improved operational consistency and agility through automation. However, some BPM users find their processes are over complex and that they are spending too many resources to keep processes updated. They spend too much time responding to market, business policy or regulatory requirements; or too much effort on manual or IT interventions. Or they’ve simply come to realize that they’re making the same decisions over and over again within multiple processes.

Prolifics invites you to join us, and our guest James Taylor of Decision Management Solutions, for our live webinar The Future of Business Agility, Process & Decision Management. We will discuss how to help simplify business processes, increase automation and reduce cycle times with a decision management approach and the use of IBM Operational Decision Management (ODM). In this webinar we will identify five signals that trigger whether your BPM might need some level of operational decision management, show how modeling and managing decisions creates simpler and more agile processes, and show how IBM Operational Decision Management is a critical component in an agile technology architecture.

You can register here.


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