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ATOS Dream Event: Simpler, smarter and more agile


I am giving the opening keynote “Smarter, simpler and more agile: Modeling decision requirements to simplify processes and effectively apply business rules” at the ATOS Dream (Dutch Requirements Engineering and Management) event September 12 in Houton near Utrecht.

Organizations have long seen the value in modeling and managing business processes. Today thesis Adopting organizations are business rules technology too, hoping to bring additional agility to Their business. Used Correctly, business rules technology can reduce process complexity, empower business users and deliver smarter, more agile information systems. Axis with any technology, the right approach to requirements is an essential foundation for success. This session will introduce a requirements approach that will deliver the maximum value from business rules technology:

    • Show how business rules technology delivers business value through simpler, smarter and more agile processes
    • Introduce the concepts of decision management and decision requirements models
    • Use real-world examples to show how decision modeling requirements results in more successful business rules projects
    • Outline the keys to successful decision modeling requirements
    • Put decisions, and decision modeling requirements, at the heart of your business architecture.

You can get more details on the event here and register here.


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