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Another role for decision models – designing screen personas


My colleague at Decision Management Solutions, Gagan Saxena, has just posted on Designing User Experience with SAP Screen Personas. As he and I have worked more with decision modeling (or decision requirements models as they are sometimes known) we have found more and more uses for them. As you can see from the role of decision requirements modeling in successful business rules projects or this 5 minute ignite video or The role of decision modeling in a data-driven culture for example, decision models work for business rules as well as analytic projects. In fact we have clients using or considering the approach for everything from data governance to BI design, predictive analytic project specification to business rules management and human decision making.

Gagan has done a lot of work with SAP in the past and recently came up with a new one – using decision models as part of designing screen personas. This really resonated with me as we already have experience, from other SAP projects, of problems that appear to be a UI design issue but are really all about decision-making. Giving decision models a formal role in persona design seems to me like a powerful tool for designing fundamentally better user experience.

Enjoy the blog post, follow Gagan on twitter  (@Gagan_S) and if you are interested in this topic, why not download our brief on Designing SAP Screen Personas using Decision Management and drop us a line.


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