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Webinar: 4 Ways Decision Modeling Creates a Data-Driven Culture


I am giving a 30 minute webinar at 10:30am Pacific/1:30pm Eastern on August 1 on the 4 Ways Decision Modeling Creates a Data-Driven Culture.

Decision modeling plays a key role as organizations transition to a data-driven culture. A recent Harvard Business Review survey revealed that data-driven decision-making is taking root in leading organizations and showing a positive return. As organizations seek to build a data-driven culture, decision modeling can play a critical role. In this 30’ webinar James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions, will introduce decision modeling and show how the use of decision modeling:

    1. Increases decision-making transparency;
    2. Balances data and instincts in decision-making;
    3. Builds stronger relationships between business, IT and analytic teams;
    4. Creates a framework for continuous improvement of best practices.

Webinar participants will learn how to quickly get started with decision modeling and will receive a 60 day free evaluation of our collaborative cloud-based decision modeling tool DecisionsFirst Modeler.

You can register for the webinar blog post.


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