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Webinar: Designing Smart Portals with Decision Management


My colleague Gagan Saxena is giving the first of our new 30 minute webinars on Designing Smart Portals with Decision Management, July 11th 9am Pacific.

How to design intuitive, relevant and personalized Portals using the power of Big Data, Analytics and Business Rules.

Traditional Portals are geared towards presenting the best Information for users to make good decisions. Smart Portals are automating knowledge requirements as well as using the new class of Decision Management systems based on Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS), Data-Mining, Predictive Analytics and Optimization Suites.

In this webinar Gagan Saxena, VP Consulting, Decision Management Solutions and former CIO Apple Vacations, will present how you can design intuitive, relevant and personalized Smart Portals using the power of big data, analytics and business rules.

You can register here.


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