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White Paper of the Week: Optimizing Customer Relationships in the Era of Big Data


A new week and a new white paper. This week’s it’s focused on two hot topic – customer relationships and Big Data: Optimizing Customer Relationships in the Era of Big Data

Companies face a new and growing challenge – how to fully leverage the benefits of big data for increased customer insights without being submerged under a tidal wave of data. With more data from more sources, with an increasing need to include unstructured and semi-structured data in their analysis, and with less time than ever before to respond to changing dynamics and customer needs, companies are seeking new analytic solutions. Successful companies are marrying the power of predictive analytics with the time tested and proven Decision Management approach to build agile, adaptive and analytic systems. These systems fully leverage big data and advanced analytics to treat every customer right and optimize customer relationships over time.

You can find this white paper, and many others, on our white paper resources page.


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