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Live Event: BBC2013: Lessons Learned Modeling Decisions in Aerospace, Banking, Insurance and Healthcare


I am presenting at Building Business Capability 2013 on Lessons Learned Modeling Decisions in Aerospace, Banking, Insurance and Healthcare on Thursday November 14 at 2:10pm Pacific

Companies across a broad range of industries are applying business rule and analytic technology to improve the way their systems make day to day decisions. Knowing where to start, how to generate an ROI and how to effectively apply decision management technologies is critical. Four real-world case studies from aerospace, banking, insurance and healthcare will show the critical role of decision modeling in successful projects. This session will show how a core set of techniques for decision modeling can be applied across industries, how these techniques work for business rules and analytics, and how modeling decisions explicitly lets an organization tie its business strategy, business architecture and business requirements together to maximize the value of decision-making technologies.

Information on the event is here and you can register with our discount code here – enter DMSBBCLV132