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Conference Board Webinar: Using Decision Management Systems to Improve Marketing


In conjunction with The Conference Board of Canada I am giving a webinar on Big Data, Little Decisions: Using Decision Management Systems to Improve Marketing , June 19 at 11am PT/2pm ET.

As companies invest in Big Data infrastructure they are looking for ways to show a return on that data. Using business analytics to put this data to work improving decision-making is central to success. But which decisions should be the focus and how will you show improvement?

In this session, James will discuss the importance of day-to-day marketing decisions, show how these are critical to business success and show how to use Decision Management Systems and big data-powered business analytics to improve them.

This 60-minute session will explore:

  • the importance of decisions, especially operational decisions, in marketing
  • the challenges inherent in Big Data
  • how to use analytics to put Big Data to work in real-time, operational decision-making

You can register here for the discounted price of $95 (usually $199).