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Closing thoughts on IBM Big Data Analytics #BDA13


Well that’s a wrap for the IBM Big Data Analytics Analyst Insight 2013 event. I’ve blogged 13 sessions and attended a couple of others plus had dinner at the Hockey Hall of Fame and seen the Stanley Cup. A few closing thoughts:

  • Like IBM I believe that the power of Big Data lies in its ability to enhance and extend analytics and so drive better decisions. It’s not about Hadoop, not about the data, it is (as always) about the decisions that your data enables you to make more profitably.
  • The explosion in data sources requires organizations to adopt new technology but it also means that some long standing assumptions, like the one that you can build a “360 degree” view of my customer, need to be revisited. There will always be another data source so its vital to focus on the decisions that matter to your business and to the data/analytics that will help make those decisions.
  • The combination of Big Data, BI, predictive analytics and decision management offers a powerful environment to drive innovative solutions, as we heard from the fraud and marketing folks.
  • IBM is really pushing domain- and industry-specific solutions constructed with multiple product as well as services expertise. These are clearly a good deal for IBM but I believe also match how customers want to buy. Especially with the growth in influence of business buyers (v technology buyers), a solution and results focus is appropriate.
  • It seems to me that more and more of IBM’s investments in data infrastructure are focused on delivering  performance for more advanced analytics. As companies move up the analytic maturity curve the demand for more advanced analytics will only grow so this focus feels entirely appropriate.
  • In the long run I think Watson  is going to become more integrated with these solutions and more integral to their analytic solutions. For now it still feels like pretty experimental/early with few if any customers.

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