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@TDWI Executive Summit: Ten Best Practices in Operational Analytics


I am speaking with Dean Abbott at the TDWI Executive Summit  in San Diego, August 20th at 4:15pm on Ten Best Practices in Operational Analytics

One of the most powerful ways to apply advanced analytics is by putting it to work in operational systems. Using analytics to improve the way every transaction, every customer, and every website visitor is handled is tremendously effective. Even small analytic improvements add up to real business benefit.

In this session, James Taylor and Dean Abbott will provide you with 10 best practices to make sure you can effectively build and deploy analytic models into your operational systems.

You will learn

    • What makes applying analytics in operational systems so effective
    • What the key challenges are in applying analytics to operations
    • Ten best practices for developing analytic models and for deploying analytic models to operational systems

You can register for the event here and there is a discount until June 28 if you use Priority Code BRE1


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