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Smarter Process (and Decision Management) updates #ibmimpact


Dave Millen came up to talk about the Process and Decision Management updates under the umbrella of Smarter Process. Big Data, cloud, social and mobile is driving change in the Smarter Process portfolio. In particular it means that process efficiency is no longer enough to guarantee success – you need processes that are effective also. In particular you need to be able to make processes more customer-centric and engaging. These processes need to become:

  • Instant, or real-time, acting at internet speed
  • Insightful, or analytic, so they are targeted and relevant
  • Seamless so they are interconnected and integrated

Dave argues that a smarter process is a Social process, a Flexible (multi-channel) process, a Mobile process and a Data-driven or analytic process. The core capabilities for this are Operational Decision Management, Business Process Management and Case Management.

Key elements of the announcements:

  • Blueworks live now offers collaborative discovery and modeling of decisions using the draft Decision Model and Notation standard. It supports the basic decision decomposition technique becoming established as a best practice decision requirements technique
  • Business Process Manager 8.5 offers a set of components specific for Mobile extension of business processes.
  • In addition BPM 8.5 is available in the IBM Smart Cloud and a set of social components are also being made available.
  • Operational Decision Management 8.5 is likewise offering integration with the Mobile capabilities, allowing geolocation data to be used in rules for instance, and is also available on the cloud.
  • Integration Bus 9.0 has been enhanced
  • Operational Intelligence capabilities for improved visibility into data across the set of products also

IBM is also launching new services around industry accelerators and IBM’s Global Business Services group is offering a Smarter Process Center of Competency.


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