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Webinar: Creating and Managing Executable Decision Models with DecisionsFirst Modeler and OpenRules


I am giving a webinar on Creating and Managing Executable Decision Models with DecisionsFirst Modeler and OpenRules®, May 7 at 10:00am Pacific / 1:00pm Eastern.

This webcast will demonstrate how graphical decision requirement models can be integrated with executable decision models.
Decision requirements models allow business analyst, architects and decision designers to describe the decision-making they need. When these models are combined with business-friendly decision tables, non-technical domain experts can represent critical “know-how” accurately and precisely resulting in faster time to value and fewer errors. Add in the ability to navigate an existing implementation graphically, and these same users can find out when a change is required and where to make it. The combination of decision requirements models and executable decision models enables business analysts to test and validate their models – and the decision making they need in their systems – even before they will be integrated into an IT infrastructure.

Join me and Dr Jacob Feldman, Founder and CTO of OpenRules as we demonstrate how and why to integrate a decision requirements model into a business rules management system using DecisionsFirst Modeler and OpenRules® Business Decision Management System.

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