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IBM PureData System for Hadoop #bigdatamgmt


Phil Francisco came up to talk about the new PureData System for Hadoop. He began by pointing out that just because something is open source does not mean there are not real costs involved. To make Hadoop adoptable and usable for enterprises, easier consumption is needed. Hence the PureData Hadoop appliance designed to simplify building, deploying and managing a Hadoop cluster with all the necessary enterprise management /security tools.

Benefits he says include much more rapid time to reply, built in visualization tools and built in analytic accelerators. It has a single system console for management, automated maintenance updates, ready to load data in hours and has built in archiving and security capabilities.

Three value propositions:

  • Some BigInsights tools are included to allow rapid exploration and investigation in a spreadsheet-like metaphor.
  • It can be used as an “active archive” for data in, say, a PureData system for analytics. “Cold” data can be moved to the new system yet still accessed.
  • Use it as a landing zone,a place to pre-process data to clean or aggregate it, before moving it to the data warehouse. Presumably this includes text analytics, entity extraction etc.

The PureData for Hadoop appliance looks exactly what you would expect from IBM – a solid appliance with lots of enterprisey features that supports Hadoop.


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