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Web Class: Use Cases for Big-Data Analytics in the Cloud


I am giving a web class with 7DEE on April 1 at 2:00pm ET on Use Cases for Big-Data Analytics in the Cloud. This session will be a 30-40 minute audio presentation (slides provided in advance) followed by 30-45 minutes of chat questions/answers. The session will cover:

The intersection of big-data and the cloud offers unique opportunities for organizations to become more agile, analytic, and adaptive. In this session, you’ll learn about challenges and opportunities for big-data and the cloud, and discuss the main uses cases, including:

  • Prepackaged cloud-based solutions that leverage big-data analytics
  • Using the cloud to deliver pervasive big-data analytics.
  • Using the cloud to access new sources of big-data
  • Taking advantage of elastic compute clouds to handle the challenges of big-data
  • We’ll use results from surveys and customer interviews to show the benefits and illustrate critical risks and issues

You can register here and there’s more information on the series it is part of Achieve Transformational Outcomes With Analytics Delivered Over the Cloud.