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Job: Analytics Community Manager


SmartData Collective is  looking for a Community Manager. I really like the work they are doing and if you are interested in data, analytics, BI etc this could be a fun gig. They are looking for someone who can handle:

Original content and content strategy:

  • Interviews with thought leaders (skype or in person)
  • Coverage of events (2-4 per year, all expenses paid)
  • Write marketing material for SDC including webinar copy
  • Provide original ideas for webinars and whitepapers
  • Suggest and connect marketing team with panelists for webinars
  • Moderate a webinar when necessary


  • Recruit bloggers & thought leaders on a regular basis
  • Manage & recruit for a featured, exclusive bloggers program
  • Managing the board, organizing board calls
  • Write the monthly blogger newsletters

They are looking for someone who can work 15-20 hours per month and offering $1500/month. If you are interested, please contact Caitlin Hinrichs