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SAS Data Management #sassb


Keith transitioned into talking about Data Management. He begun by pointing out that better business decisions rely on data – you need data in the right place, at the right time, in the right form to the right people (or, I would add, systems). As companies by more SaaS packages to run their business, this is only becoming more important. Add in more streaming data, from the internet of things and it will only get harder to manage data. Managing data is often a huge chunk of solving any particular business problem.

SAS is delivering a new set of data management tools with role-based, browser-centric interfaces. that support multiple people collaborating in different roles. The new console allows you to monitor all your data integration and management jobs, seeing their performance as well as problems and failures. Process orchestration features make it easier to see the data management processes that are executing, providing a web based environment to see the process. These can orchestrate other services or have listeners for message queues being managed outside the SAS environment.

Without leaving the environment, someone with the right privileges can immediately perform data remediation. For more complex problems you can also integrate directly into the main SAS workflow tools. You can also directly access all the lineage information that’s available, navigating to processes or tables, reports where data quality problems may be showing up and more. Really good interactive impact analysis tools for data quality problems.

A wide range of new features for data management coming in 2013 along with new releases for stream processing, big data, in-database data integration and data quality, cloud etc.