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Marketing and Customer Analytics #sassb


Russ Cobb and Randy Guard came up to walk us through a day in the life of a marketing department:

  • Problem identification by the CMO
  • Discovery and segmentation by the marketing analyst
  • Campaign design and execution by the campaign manager
  • Optimization and social listening by the campaign manager and marketing analyst
  • Results for the CMO

Randy started demonstrating his iPad dashboard driven by Visual Analytics to view his KPIs. He walked around the KPIs, showing how he could see what regions and product lines were under contributing before sending them an email. Next up was Russ walking through some investigation using Visual Analytics again. He then filters this down to eliminate periods affected by an acquisition and then did a quick projection/forecast.  What he is trying to do is decide what campaign they can propose to address the CMO’s concern. Target selection is critical for a campaign so he starts investigating response propensity, customer segments etc using the Visual Analytics tool. Sadly all he can do with the results is export a dump and send it to campaign management which seems weak.

Taking a time out from the demo they reiterated the complete set of analytic products they offer – Customer Analytics across a wide range of data types and analysis approaches, Strategy and Planning, Orchestration and Interaction optimized for multiple channels, and Customer Experience everywhere. All of this supported by the information management and analytics infrastructure.

Randy came back to show Customer Intelligence 6, a new web based version of CI shipping in April. The studio gives access to a palette of capabilities across the whole SI suite.  The campaign design is handled in a classic SAS flow editor with various datasets being combined to create a marketable universe (very batch, driven by dumped out data rather than by dynamic rules or decision trees for instance). He shows how datasets can be split into the various segments so communication and reporting can be done for each segment. He sets up different channels for the various communications and executes the campaign (which went out to the audience in real-time BTW).

Randy then went to the marketing optimization environment to view the constraints and see what he can do to maximize his results. Thanks to the underlying HPA architecture this is now much faster, fast enough he says to run in conference rooms during meetings etc. Meanwhile Russ has been watching the tweet stream and thinking about how they might change the next campaign to these folks. This would obviously work with A/B or Champion/Challenger tests too.

Finally Randy the CMO came back and looked at his metrics again to declare victory. Very well executed two-person role-play and demo.

The key elements to Customer Intelligence 6 are a new “consumer grade UI, digital mobile/social integrated in and full support for HPA/analytics as well as marketing management and the rest of the platform. Customer Intelligence 6 comes out in April and releases for marketing operations and social media analytics later. Another rev of the Customer Intelligence suite is expected before the end of the year.