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Use cases added to the Decision Management Technology report


TheDecisionManagementSystemsPlatformReportV3U1Version 3 of our widely read report on Decision Management System platform technologies is now available. Many thousands of people have downloaded this report since we started publishing it – remember it is free to download and share. This release contains a large section on use cases, giving lots of examples of Decision Management Systems and their value proposition. Every one of these cases is a real example – either we (Decision Management Solutions) have worked with a client on such a system or I have talked with one of the technology vendors whose technology was used. This new section is designed to help people see the potential for Decision Management Systems in their business.

The report still contains sections on Decision Management Systems Platform Capabilities (Managing Decision Logic, Embedding Predictive Analytics, Optimization and Simulation, Monitoring Decisions) as well as Key Characteristics, Best Practices in Decision Management Systems, Selecting Vendors and an index of 50 vendors and reviews of 78 products. There’s also a short appendix on Decision Management Systems (or you can buy the book).

You can get the report at decisionmanagementsolutions.com/decision-management-technology as a PDF or just read it online.