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Time to take the Rexer Analytics Data Miner survey!


It’s that time again – time to take the Rexer Analytics survey so we can see what’s happened in the world of data miners over the last year. You can take the survey here: www.RexerAnalytics.com/Data-Miner-Survey-2013-Intro.html and use access code: NT1F2

I always find this survey really useful. It’s important to know that it is aimed at all analytic professionals, no matter whether they consider themselves to be Data Analysts, Predictive Modelers, Data Scientists, Data Miners, or any other type of analytic professional. The survey should take less than 15-20 minutes to complete.

Rexer Analytics has been conducting the Data Miner Survey since 2007. Each survey explores the analytic behaviors, views and preferences of data miners and analytic professionals. Over 1300 people from around the globe participated in the 2011 survey. Summary reports (PDFs of about 40 pages) from previous surveys are available FREE to everyone who requests them by emailing DataMinerSurvey@RexerAnalytics.com. The FREE Summary Report for this 2013 Data Miner Survey will be available to everyone in the fall of 2013.

Survey responses are completely confidential and this research is not being conducted on behalf of any third party, but is solely for Rexer Analytics to disseminate the findings throughout the data mining and analytics community.

So what are you waiting for? Take the survey:  www.RexerAnalytics.com/Data-Miner-Survey-2013-Intro.html and use access code: NT1F2