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New white paper – Beyond Business Agility


Beyond Business AgilityThis post is going live as I begin my keynote at Building Business Capability 2012 on Beyond Business Agility: Becoming Analytic and Adaptive

Organizations are increasingly focused on delivering more agile systems. The use of business rules as a foundation for these systems delivers agility by ensuring that they are transparent, easy to change and owned by the business.
In an era of “Big Data”, however, organizations are also looking to use analytic insight to improve their business. Rapidly changing competitive landscapes and the need to evaluate and adopt new business models is pushing organizations to become more adaptive. How can these imperatives be reflected in the way we build systems?
In response to these imperatives, organizations are increasingly using business rules as a platform for a new class of systems – decision management systems. Decision management systems are agile, analytic and adaptive. In this presentation author James Taylor will show you how to build on business rules to make your systems, and your organization, analytic and adaptive.

I wrote a new white paper on this topic and you can get it either from the attendee files (if you are registered for the conference) or by registering and downloading from our company site http://decisionmanagementsolutions.com/bbckeynote.


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