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Why Enterprise Architects Want Decision Management


Enterprise Architects partner with the business to help them take full advantage of the technologies that their organizations are using, or should be using. They map technologies to the business requirements, ensure that technologies are applied cost-effectively and for maximum business benefit. Why do Enterprise Architects want Decision Management?

Many Enterprise Architects are chartered with fitting business rules and analytic technologies like data mining and predictive analytics into their enterprise architecture. A service oriented platform and architecture, supported by integration and data management technology does not have obvious “holes” for these technologies. Decision Management allows Enterprise Architects to easily implement  these technologies through Decision Services.

Decision Services represent a powerful tool for Enterprise Architects. By defining and building Decision Services, organizations can make their systems and processes more useful by increasing straight through processing, empowering users and avoiding unnecessary manual interventions and escalations. By providing consistent, precise decisions, Decision Services improve business results. Managed as separate components, and developed using business rules technology, Decision Services deliver agility also by allowing changes to decision making to be made without disrupting systems and processes. Decision Services give IT a point at which advanced analytics can be applied, closing the loop between operational systems and analytic systems. Building Decision Services effectively requires Decision Management.

Enterprise Architects want their organizations to benefit from the flexibility and agility of Decision Management Systems and a streamlined framework for applying analytics into operational systems. That’s why EA’s want decision management.


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