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Live Event: Building Business Capability


Gagan Saxena and I are speaking at this year’s Building Business Capability conference October 28 – November 1 in Fort Lauderdale, FL  and I am giving a tutorial. My speech is on Beyond Business Agility: Becoming Analytic and Adaptive

Organizations are increasingly focused on delivering more agile systems. The use of business rules as a foundation for these systems delivers agility by ensuring that they are transparent, easy to change and owned by the business.
In an era of “Big Data”, however, organizations are also looking to use analytic insight to improve their business. Rapidly changing competitive landscapes and the need to evaluate and adopt new business models is pushing organizations to become more adaptive. How can these imperatives be reflected in the way we build systems?
In response to these imperatives, organizations are increasingly using business rules as a platform for a new class of systems – decision management systems. Decision management systems are agile, analytic and adaptive. In this presentation author James Taylor will show you how to build on business rules to make your systems, and your organization, analytic and adaptive. This keynote session will:

  • Introduce and define Decision Management Systems
  • Show how these systems fit into a broader enterprise architecture context
  • Describe the role of business rules in delivering the core value of agility when building systems
  • Lay out an approach that will let you embed advanced, predictive analytics in systems to make them analytic
  • Discuss how to use business rules to manage experiments to make systems adaptive

Gagan is speaking on Building a New Business with Decision Management

  • ‘Decisions First’ approach powered a new Business Model with new Business Processes
  • Top-down Decisions Analysis triggered complete Organizational Alignment
  • Decision Management principles guided Technology Selection and Implementation

Apple Vacations is expanding its B2C business by improving consumer experience, adding intelligent personalization and dynamically creating product packages – a dramatic shift from 35 years of selling wholesale only through travel agents.

This business model shift was driven by a focused effort of decision discovery and analysis at the executive level. With an understanding of decisions, the power of business rules could be put to work.

Apple Vacations is now reinventing enterprise-wide business processes and driving successful technology implementation on the road to becoming a decision-centric organization.

On the Monday I am giving a half day tutorial on Building Decision Management Systems: Using Analytics to Get More From Your Business Rules

The business rules approach, and business rules management systems, work. Organizations adopting them show clear benefits and a positive return on investment. Successful projects combine a focus on business rules with a focus on business decisions. Decision Management Systems use advanced analytics to improve the effectiveness of your decisions, building on this business rules foundation.

This tutorial uses real-world projects to illustrate the critical success factors in building Decision Management Systems. It will show you how to find the operational decisions that matter to your business, show how business rules and advanced analytics can be combined to improve decision making, show you how to set up a decision analysis process for continuous improvement and learning and much more. The class will cover:

  • An introduction to Decision Management
  • Practical tips for Decision Discovery
  • Using business rules and advanced analytics together to maximize value
  • Decision Analysis for continuous improvement
  • How to get started

Register here.