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Live Event: Heliview Business Analytics Summit, The Netherlands


I am giving a keynote presentation on “Big Data, Little Decisions: Using Analytics to Improve day to day operations” at the Heliview Business Analytics Congress in Bussum, just outside Amsterdam, on October 17, 2012.

As companies invest in Big Data infrastructure they are looking for ways to show a return on that data. Using business analytics to put this data to work improving decision-making is central to success. But which decisions should be the focus and how will you show improvement? In this opening keynote, James Taylor will discuss the importance of day-to-day operational decisions, show how these are critical to business success and show how to use the power of big data-powered business analytics to improve them.

I will also be hosting a round table later in the morning on where to start with predictive analytics:

Predictive analytics are a powerful tool but organizations often struggle with deciding where and how to apply them to improve business results. Applying predictive analytics to highly repeatable, operational decisions is a powerful first use case. In this workshop we will discuss how to identify the day to day decisions in a business that represent the best opportunities for predictive analytics.

Much of the event is going to be in Dutch and you can register here.