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IBM Business Analytics Investments #ibmbas12


Day 2 at the IBM Analytics Summit a little more restricted in terms of blogging with more content under NDA. The first session was an overview of the IBM analytics strategy.

IBM’s Business Analytics Strategy involves solutions for customer analytics, performance management and risk analytics built on capabilities for personal analytics, Decision Management and Big Data analytics. Primary industries are Banking, Insurance, Government and Education. Growth industries are Telco and Retail while Healthcare and Energy/Utilities are watch areas.

Some focus areas:

  • Visualization is a big focus area across products. IBM is focused on making visualizations easier and faster to build as well as bringing together a community of those working in this area.
  • Decision Management is a focus area as we heard yesterday with rules, optimization and predictive analytics being pulled together into a single product.
  • Integrated solutions is something IBM sees as increasingly important, both in terms of industry blueprints and in terms of packaging hardware and software as well as the signature solutions for specific business problems like customer next best action
  • Big data and the integration of analytics with the platform for managing big data is another cross-product common thread
  • Optimized deployment on workload optimized hardware, in integrated systems or on the cloud

These cross-product investments support the continued go to market strategy for the four focus areas in IBM’s Business Analytics group – BI, Advanced Analytics, Performance Management and Risk Analytics.