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Webinar: It’s Not Just About the Approval with GDS Link


My friends at GDS Link (First Look here) are giving a webinar “It’s Not Just About the Approval – Getting to the Optimal Credit Line Assisgnment, Product & Rate” on Thursday June 28 at 1:00pm ET. I will be presenting and taking questions as we go through the role of rules, analytics and optimization in credit line management. here’s the description:

Current economic conditions and new regulations continue to challenge a lending organization’s ability to lend effectively. With limited resources putting loan products in the hands of new and existing customers requires enhanced analytics, access to meaningful data and flexible risk management technology.

This webinar will introduce you to GDS Link’s risk solutions, discuss the use of technology and analytics in risk management and highlight the use of Optimization techniques that can help you maximize your return on investment by putting the right product in the hands of the right consumer at the right time.

Register here.