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Live Event – Sapphire: Flexible, Easy-to-Change & Rock-Solid Apps with BRFplus


I am co-presenting at SAP’s Sapphire/ASUG event this year on “Building Flexible, Easy-to-Change and Rock-Solid Applications with BRFplus Decision Services” with Carsten Ziegler, author of a great book on SAP’s rule engine BRFplus.

SAP ABAP business applications can be rightly described as high performance, robust and rock-solid. Making them also flexible and easy to change is a challenge faced by many companies. Taking control of the critical decisions in these applications by developing BRFplus decision services resolves the challenge, giving business experts more insight into mission-critical decisions taken by the system. With BRFplus, business users can make the right change, right now without destabilizing the application or using over-stretched IT resources, improving process quality and compliance. The approach will be illustrated with real cases and TCO/ROI examples and a demo will show the creation of a decision service, implementation, and continuous improvement by business experts. Presented by a leading expert in decision management systems and the chief product owner and inventor of BRFplus, this approach can easily be applied by nearly all SAP customers to their critical business problems.

Register for the Sapphire Now and the ASUG User Meeting here.