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Live Event: IBM IMPACT – From Business Rules to a Decision-Centric Organization


Session 2420 at IBM’s IMPACT is titled “From Business Rules to a Decision-Centric Organization” and is being presented jointly by me and a client of mine – Gagan Saxena of Apple Vacations.

Apple Vacations is expanding its B2C business by improving consumer experience, adding intelligent personalization and dynamically creating product packages – a dramatic shift from 35 years of selling wholesale only through travel agents.This business model shift required a new business blueprint and Apple Vacations identified ILOG business rules as a key technology. Successful implementation was driven by a focused effort of decision discovery and analysis at the executive level. With an understanding of decisions, the power of business rules could be put to work. Apple Vacations is now reinventing enterprise-wide business processes and driving successful technology implementation on the road to becoming a decision-centric organization.

The session is in the Forbes business track and Gagan is a great guy so I am really looking forward to this session as we show the business value of a focus on operational decisions.

I am also giving a session on Decision Management trends and signing my new book – Decision Management Systems: A Practical Guide to Business Rules and Predictive Analytics – the following day.

Register for IMPACT here.