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Here’s how to learn more about Decision Management Systems Platform Technologies


We are closing in on the first release of our definitive report on platform technologies for Decision Management Systems. We expect to make the first version available early next week (once we have completed a few production steps). This will provide an overall architecture for these technologies, describe the core product categories (Business Rules Management Systems, Predictive Analytic Workbenches, Decision Managers, Analytic Infrastructure and Optimization Suites) and provide an initial vendor/product listing. It will also introduce some of the key capabilities, use cases and best practices for these technologies (more on these topics in subsequent releases of the report). For those who have not read Decision Management Systems: A Practical Guide to Using Business Rules and Predictive Analytics it will also summarize the key characteristics, development process and business case for these systems.

We will post the report to our website, blog about it here and send out a newsletter announcement. You can subscribe to the newsletter here to make sure you stay up to date in the future with new releases.

To kick things off I will be giving a webinar on the four key capabilities of a platform for Decision Management Systems on Thursday February 16th at 10am Pacific – register here (we are up over 100 registrations already).


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