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Dealing with the age old barrier to analytics – business understanding


Patrick over at Figurs sent out a newsletter that highlighted an article from 2010 Biggest Barriers to Business Analytics Adoption: People. The article highlighted the people and organizational issues in adopting business analytics and #1 was “Lack of understanding of how to use analytics to improve the business”. While it’s been a while since this was article was published, it was great to be reminded of the issue of business understanding as this remains a critical challenge to adopting analytics, especially more advanced analytics.

In fact this very problem is what has led me to develop a new workshop – Business Friendly Data Mining – that is running at Predictive Analytics World in San Francisco in a few weeks(register here and use code DMSBP12 to get 15% off the price of my workshop). This workshop focuses on decision discovery and on the effective modeling of repeatable decisions to build business/analytic/IT understanding and collaboration. It shows how this focus on decisions-first and an overall decision management framework helps you build the right models and increases the odds of a successful implementation by understanding how the models will need to be implemented. We have used this approach with a number of projects now and found that it fundamentally changes how the data mining team sees the problem and creates new opportunities for collaboration.

There’s also a nice white paper on why to be an early predictive analytic adopter on the Figurs site that you should check out and you might also enjoy our paper on Putting Predictive Analytics to Work. Don’t forget you can register for the workshop here or contact us info@decisionmanagementsolutions.com if you are interested in having an onsite version.



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